Thursday, August 4, 2011

Private Franchising. What the Hell is That?!?

Private franchising, a new internet business, the combination of the internet and commerce… I’m sure you have about a thousand other ways to describe your business.  Why?  Because you CAN’T SAY AMWAY!!!!!  That is the kiss of death, letting a prospect know you are trying to recruit them for Amway is the quickest way to get kicked out of a house (or hung up on)! 
So why is that? I mean aren’t you just trying to buy products from a manufacturer and then get others to do the same?  Should be a no-brainer right?  Well the  idiot upline who have gone before us with their exaggerated claims and god-like arrogance pretty much ruined that for the rest of us.  These a-holes went out and wore people out by requiring a cult-like devotion to all things upline.  People got sick of signing up to buy detergent, make-up and energy drinks only to be bombarded by the constant demand to pour money into books, audios and meetings.  They got sick of being fleeced.
So, instead of improving or changing the system, our glorious leaders with all their accumulated wisdom decided it was best to LIE to prospects by not sharing with them the true nature of what you are asking them to do… Isn’t that a hell of a way to build trust and cooperation with your fellow business owners?  The tactics we were taught were to baffle the prospect with bullshit, never give a straight answer, and answer questions with questions.  Just get them to a meeting where your phenomenally talented upline can close the deal.  Nothing like leading your friends and family to the slaughter… makes a person feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?


  1. The upline was lying and not using the "A" word LONG before their latest trick, private franchising, came along. What is different is Amway doesn't like the use of the term "franchise."

    But the real problem isn't all these names, it's the FACT the upline wants you to pay attention to all these side issues, while they continue to make several times more from the Amway Tool Scam than from Amway while 99% of IBOs operate at a net loss and Amway keeps more of their own profit because the upline continues to wallow in their tool scam profits.

  2. You describe yourself like this, "I'm a pissed off former IBO. I want to share my experiences and give a virtual bitch slap to my dumbass upline." Do you also want to do other things to shut down this scam?